Commercial Water Play Equipment Adds Exhilaration and Fun

commercial water play equipment

Commercial Water Play Equipment Adds Exhilaration and Fun

Water play stimulates children’s natural fascination with water to create a rich sensory experience. Watching toys float and sink introduces concepts of buoyancy and weight, while filling and emptying containers teach about volume and measurements.

Waterpark playground equipment is a great way to attract more families to your community recreation destination. Add unforgettable waterslides and aquatic playground equipment to entice guests to visit again and again.

Water Slides

The water slide is one of the most classic attractions at water parks and aquatic centers. It provides thrills and excitement to both children and adults, and it is a fun way to cool off during a hot summer day. Water slides are also a great way to draw attention and bring more visitors to your facility.

The first patented water slide in the United States was invented commercial water play equipment by Herbert Sellner in 1923. He was a Minnesota mechanic and farmer who dreamed of inventing something that could keep people entertained for a long time. He ended up creating something that would entertain millions for years to come.

Today, water slides are made with a variety of materials. Some are inflatable and require a blower to operate. They can be blown up in less than a minute and are easy to store when not in use. These water slides are a great choice for backyards, camps, picnics and birthday parties.

Other water slides are designed to be ridden in a tube, and they seat 2 or 3 riders inline. They are much larger than body slides and can be found at indoor and outdoor waterparks. These slides can be quite thrilling, and some even feature twists and turns to increase the speed of the ride.

Dump Buckets

For kids of all ages, water playgrounds or splash pads are the perfect way to cool off in summer and stay active. Unlike swimming or wading pools, these zero-depth water features allow people to play together without having to worry about drowning risk. From small bubblers and climbing nets to huge dumping wheels and cause-and-effect water sprays, interactive water equipment adds excitement and fun for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you are a contractor designing a commercial project or an end user purchasing a splash pad, there is a variety of equipment to choose from that will best suit your needs. The level of interaction your space can provide and the type of business or community you expect to serve can help determine how much above-ground equipment to include, as well as the grade of commercial material you want to use for your project.

The high dump bucket is an attachment that enables a loader to reach higher dumping points, eliminating the need to continually move and reposition the machine for precise dumping. This helps to improve efficiency and reduce wasted movement, saving time and money. Our buckets are available with either a center-mounted or side-mounted hydraulic cylinder and pivot mechanism to enable different tipping actions. This allows you to tailor the equipment to match the specific loader model that you have on site.

Ground Sprays

Ground sprays are a great way to create an interactive water playground for kids of all ages and abilities. They are flush-mounted features that have a variety of spray shapes and effects and are often found in play perimeters, beach entries or transition areas connecting age-appropriate play zones. These spray features can also be incorporated into themed water playscapes.

Above-ground spray park equipment is a fun and low liability solution for daycares, apartment complexes or shopping centers. Constructed of PVC, light commercial grade commercial water play equipment equipment is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Adventure Playground System’s colorful, above-ground spray park equipment comes in a wide range of shapes and themes to suit any project.

Splash pads are a popular entertainment and recreational option for urban spaces, unique greenspaces and community facilities. Also known as splash parks, these areas are designed with zero depth and are fitted with a non-slip safety surface and water features that shower, mist, bubble, rain or shoot streams of water. They can feature an entire waterpark theme or smaller, individual areas with a variety of themed equipment and can be designed to be both child and adult friendly.

Themed Components

When kids play with themed commercial water playground equipment, it takes their imagination to a whole new level. Imagine a pirate ship surrounded by seagulls or a dinosaur that’s escaping from hot lava. Add lights and special water-feature sequencing to create a truly immersive environment.

In addition to the fun, themed play inspires critical-thinking and problem solving skills. And it helps kids work together—a valuable skill when playing with friends.

Choose from a wide range of themed equipment, including dumping buckets, ground sprays and more. And with customizable colors and patterns, you can match your theme or let kids design their own adventure.

Whether you’re designing an aquatic park or simply looking to transform your community playground, these themes offer an engaging way to cool off and have some fun. And with our custom equipment options, you can create a completely unique experience that matches your park’s vision.

Aquatix designs interactive water park and splash pad products that encourage kids to experience water in novel ways. From aim-and-sprays and dumping buckets to water tunnels, ground sprays and more, our products are engineered with inclusivity in mind to support play for kids of all ages and abilities. Plus, we offer ready-to-install AquaSmart packages that include everything you need for a splash pad installation.

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