Commercial Water Play Equipment

Commercial Water Play Equipment

Kids love to play in water, and adding commercial water play equipment is a great way to add fun and excitement to outdoor playgrounds. It also encourages children to learn and practice skills through imaginative play.

With ADA-accessible slides and splash pads, we can offer the best in aquatic playground solutions for communities of all sizes. Explore our wide range of products below.

Water Slides

Water slides are a great way to add excitement and fun for children of all ages. They can help increase traffic at your aquatic center, hotel pool and more. Water slides from Soft Play are durable, exhilarating and designed to capture the imagination of children for years to come. Choose from 12 featured themes or design a custom-designed water slide for your aquatic park. All water slides are equipped with sprayers and designed to work with or without access to the water line. All slide transitions and steps are crafted with anti-slip surfaces and explicitly engineered for environments that require resistance to high acid and alkali conditions.

Waterplay is not just about splash pads and waterslides, it is about creating new ways for kids to interact with water and experience the multi-sensory nature of play in a safe environment. Aquatix is a world leader in interactive water park equipment and aquatic playground equipment design, fabrication and construction. They are known for their completely integrated water recirculation systems that allow kids to experience unlimited hours of creative water play with no water consumption limits. From their signature interactive cause-and-effect water features like spray canons and dumping buckets to their new contemporary structures that offer game-based events with a focus on inclusive nature play, Aquatix continues to push the boundaries of water playground design and innovation.

Dump Buckets

Dump buckets are an integral part of any splash pad commercial water play equipment design. They help encourage communicative play, and kids can race each other to see who can fill a bucket the fastest before it dumps and gets them soaked. This type of interactive water play can be used alone or as a complement to other features like climbing walls, giant water slides and ground sprays.

Unlike standard buckets, high-dumping buckets use hydraulic cylinders to enable them to tip and empty themselves. They also feature a pivot mechanism near the toe of the bucket, which helps enhance manoeuvrability. These buckets are available in various capacities and forms to suit different loader models and job requirements.

For example, a light-duty high-dumping bucket works well with materials that tend to stick, such as oats, sawdust and wheat. A heavy-duty version is designed for materials like coal, cement and manure.

A center-mounted lift cylinder and dual-cushioned, Rockland-built cylinders make the high-dumping bucket safe, smooth and quiet. A hydraulic lock prevents the bucket from moving when the dumping cylinder isn’t engaged.

Whether it’s for loading dump trucks or feeding mixers, the high-dumping bucket can save valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to continuously reposition equipment. These buckets increase a loader’s vertical reach and dumping height by 44″, allowing operators to reach over the side of trucks without obstructing traffic or having to manually lift and dump materials.

Ground Sprays

Ground sprays are a fun and interactive water play feature for kids. They are a great way to cool down in the summer and can be installed on any site. These water features are typically a mixture of ground level nozzles that spray water in various configurations and above ground features like dumping buckets. These systems use low-flow, recirculating pumps which reduce overall water usage. They also can be activated by motion or hand-activated sensors, further reducing water usage.

Themes include jungle, pirate/treasures, farm and sports. Children can engage in role play, observe the filling of dumping buckets, and learn about cause and effect through their water play experiences. These are important skills for children to develop in a safe environment that encourages socialization and learning.

Creating an aquatic playground or splash pad will draw families and young kids commercial water play equipment to your park. In addition, incorporating a spray park into your park will provide a valuable revenue opportunity for local businesses. Consider adding a concession stand near your aquatic playground to maximize the potential of your investment. You can even expand your park and turn it into a full-scale water park by incorporating water slides, lazy rivers and wave pools for an immersive family experience. These parks offer a more advanced water play experience and are more likely to attract visitors from surrounding areas.

Themed Components

Whether they’re climbing over spray rings or defying gravity with larger-than-life sculpted equipment, themed components make water park and aquatic playground experiences memorable for kids. Choose from colorful above ground spray features (including spray cannons, dumping buckets and geysers) in durable stainless steel or fiberglass, as well as ground sprays such as water tunnels, misters and side wall streams. Themes encourage longer stays at your facilities and attract families who will come back again and again.

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