Water Park Equipment Creates Enriching Play Experiences For Kids of All Ages

Water Park Equipment Creates Enriching Play Experiences For Kids of All Ages

Water park equipment adds style and fun to aquatic playground spaces that challenge children’s problem-solving skills. From a spontaneity-fueled dump bucket to larger-than-life sculpted elements, these water experiences will spark imaginative play in kids of all ages.

Unlike commercial swimming pools, splash pads don’t require areas of standing water which dramatically lowers maintenance and staffing costs. This helps make your water park a more affordable experience for families.


When kids climb up to a slide they are not only practicing climbing skills but also using their leg muscles and coordination to help them get to the top. When they slide down they are experiencing a rush of excitement and using their speed, ingenuity and creativity. This type of play is beneficial to a child’s brain development.

Children enjoy sliding and have a natural desire to do it repeatedly. Unlike other playground equipment that can only be used one at a time, slides allow multiple children to climb up and down at the same time. This allows them to interact with each other and cultivate important social skills like patience, sharing and resilience. It also encourages their sense of balance and helps them to learn how to assess risk.

Aside from providing physical benefits, slides encourage the exploration of shapes, colours and scents. They also encourage the use of imagination and are a great way to get children to spend more time outdoors. This is a positive trend, as it water park equipment counteracts the sedentary lifestyle and excess weight that are becoming more common in children today.

Slides are available in a variety of different styles and can be customized to meet your park’s needs. They can be long or short, and can have wavy or straight surfaces. Many children enjoy the mystery of a covered tube slide and others prefer the sleek, fast thrill of a straight slide.

Lazy Rivers

For guests who don’t want to swim laps or engage in other active activities, lazy rivers offer an alternative. They allow guests to float in inner tubes as they relax and enjoy the waterpark environment.

These lazy river pools are gaining popularity, especially for hotels and resorts. They can attract more guests and increase customer satisfaction. They can also be used to host events such as rubber duck races and water yoga.

The design of a lazy river depends on many factors. For one, its depth should be appropriate for its intended use. Deeper waters are necessary for rafts, while shallower water allows for walkers and runners. Moreover, it’s crucial to avoid interruptions in the river’s flow. Otherwise, rafts may lose momentum and fall off the current.

A mechanical system is also needed to power a lazy river. A traditional one uses pumps, but newer propulsion systems are available that water park equipment require significantly less energy. For example, Atlantis Pool created a system that can operate a 750-meter river with a speed of 1.5 m/sec using only 90 kW of power.

Lazy river pools also require different maintenance procedures. Debris and contaminants ride along the current, so facilities need to figure out how to deal with that issue. Additionally, they must ensure that staff is trained to spot potential problems and respond quickly to them.

Splash Pads

Splash pads are a fun, cooling alternative to traditional swimming pools and wading pools. These play areas feature little standing water and are surfaced with textured, non-slip concrete or crumb rubber to provide a safe environment for water play. They can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to create engaging and stimulating playgrounds that appeal to children of all ages and abilities.

They offer a refreshing escape from the heat, and kids love being surprised by jets of water that shoot up into the air and onto their bodies. However, if you or your child is easily overwhelmed by crowds or loud noises, splash pads may not be the best option for you. They are also typically quite busy once warm weather hits, so if you plan on visiting a splash pad often, it might be a good idea to bring another adult with you to keep an eye on the kids.

A major advantage of splash pads is that there is no risk of drowning, so they don’t require lifeguards like at amusement parks. While some community splash pads do have monitors, they are primarily intended to be come-as-you-are places where families can play together.

They can also be a great addition to parks that lack other aquatic play equipment and are looking to add more entertainment. If you decide to invest in splash pads for your park, it’s a good idea to promote them using social media and other marketing channels to attract potential visitors.

Water Houses

Theme-based water houses provide a fun and unique attraction for guests to cool off in. They can offer children a chance to engage with sensory experiences, such as splashing and dumping, as well as interactive gameplay.

Water houses are also a great way to encourage families to visit your facility and spend more time there. Adding water features to your park can help you attract more visitors and boost sales. Moreover, these features can help you create a fun atmosphere that people will want to visit again and recommend to others.

While the impact of floating houses on water ecosystems remains to be fully assessed, it is likely that small variations in concentrations of water quality parameters will occur. In addition, these structures may add a new substrate for the colonisation of biological communities and provide opportunities for new species to establish habitation on the water’s surface.

Whether you are looking for unforgettable aquatic playground equipment, captivating splash pads or larger-than-life sculpted water features, Aquatix can help you design and install an amazing park. Our extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to assist you with all aspects of your project. This includes 3D designs, construction drawings, facilitating local and state permitting, site supervision, system start up and training.

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