What Is a Pedal Bin?

pedal bin

What Is a Pedal Bin?

A pedal bin is a practical waste garbage can with lid operated by a foot pedal. They are particularly suitable for small residual waste and packaging waste in the bathroom, for example shampoo, shower gel, and hygiene products.

Pedal bins are available in various sizes. They are made of steel and have a soft-closing lid, an inner bucket, and a damper mechanism to avoid unpleasant slamming when closed.


A pedal bin is a waste receptacle that is operated by a foot pedal. The pedal is designed to make it easy to open and close the bin. It is also convenient for people with limited dexterity or mobility.

The best pedal bins feature a clever design and are made from sturdy materials, such as stainless steel. They can withstand heavy use and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Some even have an air-tight lid to keep odors out.

Another feature of a pedal bin is the lead shield that covers the lid, preventing harmful chemicals from coming into contact with the contents inside. This prevents bacterial growth and can reduce the risk of cross-contamination with other wastes.

Pedal bins are often used to dispose of paper, glass and food waste. They are a useful addition to any home or office.

Modern pedal bins are often made from stainless steel, which helps to keep them clean and germ-free. This makes them perfect for high-traffic areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

In addition to being durable, pedal bins are also a stylish addition to any home or office. They can be purchased in a variety of colors and are a great way to make a statement in your space.

A pedal bin is a great way to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and they are an excellent choice for anyone looking to save money on waste disposal costs. Fortunately, they are also eco-friendly and can be recycled to minimize the impact on the environment.

Pedal bins come in a variety of sizes and styles, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. The pedal bin that best suits your needs may be difficult to find, so it is essential to shop around and ask questions before making a purchase. The most popular options include stainless steel, plastic and phenolic resin. You can also choose from bins with a hinge or a push button, which make it easier to lift the lid.


Pedal bins are a great way to make waste disposal a breeze. The foot pedal allows you to open and close the bin lid without touching it with your hands. This is ideal for areas that require hands-free operation due to hygiene reasons.

Several types of pedal bins are available from leading manufacturers. Some are slim and round, which makes them suitable for small spaces. Others have a rectangular shape, which works well in larger areas.

The design of the pedal bin is an important factor when selecting one. The materials used should be strong and durable to ensure it will stand up to wear and tear. For example, steel is a highly durable material that can withstand heavy loads and resist corrosion.

Many pedal bins are also designed with a lid that is easy to clean and can be removed for emptying. These features will help you keep the bin in good condition, and make it easier for staff to empty it.

Another feature to consider is pedal bin whether or not the lid can be slid into a second position. This is useful when the lid is closed to prevent dust and debris from falling into the trash.

When shopping for a pedal bin, it is important to find one that is large enough to hold a substantial amount of waste. This will allow you to dispose of more waste in a shorter period of time. If you have a large kitchen, for example, you may want to invest in a bin that is able to accommodate a lot of rubbish.

In addition to durability, it is important that the bin is lightweight and easy to move around. Several styles have handles that are convenient for carrying. These include the EKO 6L pedal bin, which comes in a modern style and is made of premium anti-rust stainless steel.

The pedal bin is a staple design that has become a favorite in both public and private spaces. It has a clean look that emphasizes Norm Architect’s ability to bring softness to modern minimalism. It is now available in two additional sizes, including a compact 4L and a spacious 30L version.


Pedal bins are a great way to dispose of waste without having to touch it with your hands. They are especially useful in areas where hygiene is important, such as food prep areas, hospitals and homes. This helps to prevent germs from spreading and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Traditionally, pedal bins have been designed in beige but they are now available in a variety of different colors. This allows you to choose a design that best matches your space.

One of the most popular designs is the Menu pedal bin, which was designed by Norm Architects and showcases their ability to combine softness with modern minimalism. The bin’s clean lines and rounded edges make it easy to place in both public and private spaces.

Another popular design is the NEXIO pedal bin. This simple bin is available in a variety of colors and has a domed steel lid that is easy to clean.

The stainless steel material makes it extremely durable and resistant to scratches. This pedal bin is also rust-proof, so it is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

This pedal bin has a capacity of 6 litres and can be used as a waste bin or cosmetic bin in your home or office. It is available in various fine colors so you can easily match it to your interior.

Unlike traditional pedal bins, this version has a soft-closing lid that opens gently and silently. This helps to prevent odours from developing in your bathroom or kitchen.

It is also made of high-quality rustproof stainless steel and comes in a matt finish. This is a very attractive option that makes it perfect for your home or office.

Like the original bin from 1939, this smaller version is made from the philosophy of function before form. It has a removable inner bin, a lid that ensures air-tight closure and is easy to clean.

The Blomus PARA is the perfect solution for conveniently disposing of cotton pads, cosmetic wipes or packaging from various bathroom utensils. The lid has a soft-close function that closes gently and quietly, so you can be sure no unwanted odours are coming out. The pedal bin is also treated so that fingerprints will not stick to it.


A pedal bin is a necessity in any modern bathroom. Its most obvious function is to contain trash, but it can also be a useful storage area for items that would otherwise be discarded. A small bin can be a great place to keep small items such as hair clips, keys and remote controls.

Pedal bins are often made of materials with a strong pedal bin and durable reputation, such as stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum. Pedal bins come in a wide range of styles and sizes to meet every need.

The best way to install a pedal bin is to measure the cabinet opening and select the most suitable bin size for your space. Then, check the instructions carefully and follow the directions to assemble the unit.

It is also a good idea to check the size of your door and cabinet frame, as you will need to accommodate the snazzy bin handle that resides in the front panel. This will ensure that you have a functionally and visually seamless bin with minimal fuss or bother.

The Pedal Bin is a staple of the Norm Architects MENU bath line, with its soft-closing lid, clever inner bucket and smart bag lock it is a design that has stood the test of time. A smaller 4L version can be the perfect addition to any cramped bath, while the bigger 30L model is a smart choice for high-volume areas. The name of the game is to find the right bin for your space, and a few minutes of tinkering will have you up and running in no time! The NEXIO Vipp 13 is a great way to start.

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