Challenge Yourself With Treadmill Pools

Treadmill Pools

Challenge Yourself With Treadmill Pools

Treadmill Pools are a great way to get a great workout without leaving the comfort of your own home. They combine the benefits of swimming and low-impact exercise in a fitness system that can be customized for any workout routine.

Physical therapy clinics and athletic training rooms often have treadmills built into their pools. These treadmills come with removable handrails for flexibility, a time elapsed display monitor and multiple speed settings.

Athletes Get a Core Workout

When you combine water resistance with a pool treadmill, athletes get a core workout that is more effective than most land-based exercises. This type of workout is a great way to boost performance and strength, improve muscle tone, and aid in healing.

It is also an ideal recovery exercise for patients with knee and hip injuries or lower body surgery. These patients must avoid weight-bearing activities, but using an underwater treadmill reduces the impact on their joints.

In a study by Texas A&M University, swimmers who performed underwater treadmill workouts as part of their training saw better muscle mass and strength results than those who did only land-based exercises. They experienced a lower rate of pain, inflammation and blood pressure readings.

Many aquatic treadmills are adjustable, so you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. In addition, directional water jets create additional resistance that helps strengthen and condition the upper body and core.

The best part is, you can change the speed and current of the water to challenge the strongest athlete. This is a great way to maximize your athletes’ workouts and keep them coming back.

Adding an underwater treadmill to a pool is an affordable option for any facility. Oftentimes, these machines can be purchased for under $1,000.

HydroWorx underwater treadmills are especially popular at elite sports medicine facilities, physical therapy clinics and senior-living communities. But they can also be incorporated into any wellness program, creating buzz among locals and offering a valuable service to your clients. Treadmill Pools Check out our free information kit for more details. It outlines dozens of ways you can incorporate an underwater treadmill into your facility’s workout, rehab and recovery program.

Challenge the Strongest Athlete

Athletes of all levels and ages can challenge themselves with a Treadmill Pools workout. You can choose to challenge yourself by selecting a specific interval, time, and duration or you can opt for a more freestyle approach. You can also get creative by selecting the best possible pool for your needs and budget. The most challenging workouts will rely on the pool itself as well as equipment like a treadmill, a pool bicep curl, and perhaps a good ol’ fashioned leg curl. Using a pool for cross training is one of the smartest things to do in 2012. If your goal is to be competitive or just to keep up with the kids, consider installing a HydroWorx water-based fitness solution in your own backyard. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of a water-based workout.

Boost Muscle Tone

Water walking and running on the Endless Pools(r) underwater treadmill allow you to achieve all the benefits of dry-land exercises while reducing stress on your joints. This is especially helpful if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery.

Patients and athletes at physical therapy clinics and senior-living communities are also gaining benefits from using an underwater treadmill. Kim Eichinger, Executive Director of Fitness at Country Meadows Retirement Communities in California, has outlined an array of underwater treadmill workouts that improve posture and gait and correct postural imbalances.

For older adults, OA patients in particular, aquatic treadmill exercises are more beneficial to their bodies than land-based exercise since the buoyancy of the water unloads the joints and decreases pain and discomfort. In addition, the warm water environment stimulates the sensory nerves that control movement, which improves balance and mobility and reduces the risk of falls.

Studies show that a variable-speed underwater treadmill with directional jets adds resistance to help improve posture, strength and endurance. Moreover, all HydroWorx pools feature an underwater massage hose that delivers a soothing post-session cool down to help strip away lactic acid and reduce muscle soreness.

TAMU researchers have found that athletes who use an underwater treadmill for strength-training routines have improved their muscle mass and strength performance, while experiencing reduced soreness and inflammation. In fact, participants in one study experienced lower blood pressure readings after completing an aquatic workout than those who completed land-based resistance training alone.

In a similar vein, professional athletes who want to boost their performance and maximize their training programs are turning to underwater treadmills for their cardio and strength workouts. Lance Walker, Global Director of Performance at Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney, Texas, uses an underwater treadmill in his facility to train and boost his strength.

He has seen many of his clients lose weight and tone up quickly. The reduced stress and tension on the body that an aquatic treadmill allows makes it easier to keep up their regular workout frequencies.

A HydroWorx pool can be an effective addition to any athletic facility. Contact us today to request a free information kit on how installing an underwater treadmill Treadmill Pools in your facility can benefit your clientele and improve their health and fitness.

Aids in Healing

Treadmill Pools aid in healing in a number of ways, from increasing blood flow to providing the ultimate low-impact workout. They also improve balance and reduce the likelihood of a fall.

As a result, the pool has become a popular destination for people of all ages and abilities, from athletes to seniors. For those recovering from lower body surgery, a water-borne workout has a long list of benefits.

A recent study comparing underwater treadmill and land-based exercise found that aquatic training lowered blood pressure and improved overall fitness. This was particularly true for women.

Another benefit of water is that it’s a natural source of pain relief for people with joint or muscle injuries. The warmth of the water stimulates blood flow to the area, which in turn can lead to increased flexibility and reduced stress on the joints.

TAMU’s research also found that athletes who alternate underwater treadmill and land-based exercises see a boost in lean body mass. The biggest benefit, however, comes from the fact that water can help you get a good night’s sleep if you’re recovering from surgery or illness. It can even help you feel better overall, so you can get back to the gym sooner.

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