Top 5 Types of Playground Equipment For Sale

playground equipment for sale

Top 5 Types of Playground Equipment For Sale

The right playground equipment will not only be fun for kids, but also help them grow physically and socially. Popular playground items include merry-go-rounds that encourage cooperation and play structures that help kids develop balance, strength and coordination.

Climbers make any playground more exciting and help children build upper body strength. Choose from a range of designs that are appropriate for all ages and ADA-compliant.

Swing Sets

Kids learn to control their muscles and balance as they swing, slide, twirl and climb on playground equipment. They also develop the vestibular system, which helps them sense movement, location and direction.

When children play together, they also learn how to interact with people of different ages. They may copy or learn from older children and help younger ones — such as boosting them up on tall structures or helping them down from the top of a climbing wall.

A backyard swing set allows children to burn off steam in a safe place where parents can keep an eye on them. It’s also a great way to encourage outdoor play that nurtures childhood development and growth. Plastic is often used for early childhood swing sets, while metal and wood are more durable options for large, complex playsets that include multiple swings, slides and monkey bars.


When kids think of some of their favorite childhood memories, they often include a competition on the swings to see who can go the highest or a thrilling tumble down their favorite slide. Those moments help build strength, coordination, and balance.

Slides are a playground staple, and our selection includes a wide variety of styles and colors. Some playground equipment for sale have extra features, like wave slides or tunnel slides. We also carry playhouses that encourage dramatic play and give kids a place to call their own.

As kids get older, their needs change and their play structures should be able to grow with them. Our commercial playground equipment for sale for ages 2-5 is designed with that in mind. This type of equipment offers challenges that keep elementary-age kids engaged during outdoor play for hours at a time.


Climbers add beauty, interest and colour to any garden. They can be used as ornamental, adorning walls, fences and trellis with flowers and foliage, or they can be functional, covering unsightly structures, sheds and pergolas with thick branches. Some, such as ivy and grapes, can grab onto surfaces on their own but many require a framework to grow over, such as latticework or blocks of wood screwed into a wall.

Gardeners should choose climbers that will thrive in their region, and plant them at a height that suits the purpose they are to serve. Nursery staff can advise on this, or gardeners can look for thriving plants in local gardens to inspire them. Gardeners also need a structure to support their climbers, such as a trellis, but it can be any sturdy object they have available.

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are an excellent way to promote physical development in children. They help kids build strength and coordination, and they are also fun to play on. There are a number of different types of monkey bars available, including free-standing ones and those that can be attached to a swing set. These options can be made from different materials, and some are available in wavy or curved designs to add an extra element of challenge.

When children play together on the monkey bars, they are able to improve their socialization skills. For example, a shy child may feel more at ease talking to a friend while they wait for their turn. They can encourage one another to make it across or simply talk about their shared experience.


Seesaws are classic playground equipment that teach children balance, coordination and communication skills. They also encourage social interaction between two children playing side-by-side and are a great way for kids to work together while having fun.

See-saws are usually built with a fulcrum, which allows children to sit on either end and use their own weight to make the other side go up and down. This helps to develop balance, and also teaches about how different weights can affect the movement of one end of the seesaw.

Our range of seesaws includes a number of spring centered options that are safer for toddlers and preschoolers than traditional fulcrum models. These models can move horizontally and hold multiple seats, and are ideal for schools and community playgrounds.

Spring Toys

When kids play on playground equipment, they’re not only having fun; they’re playground equipment for sale also exercising and developing motor skills. From high-flying competitions on swings to tumbling down their favorite slide again and again, kids can really push themselves with certain playground structures.

Coiled springs give trampolines their elasticity and make jumping a childhood favorite. They’re also behind the bouncing horses, which come in single-rider options like motorcycles and race cars or multi-rider options such as dinosaurs, zebras, and bulldozers.

For kids who are more interested in STEM, a rock tumbler set lets them tumble gems and shine or smooth them. As with any used playground equipment for sale, it’s a good idea to have a professional safety consultant thoroughly inspect the equipment before making your final purchase.

Timber Stacks

Many of our fondest childhood memories involve playgrounds: competing with friends to see who could swing the highest; tumbling down your favorite slide over and over again; or finally reaching the last monkeybar. Playing outside is essential for kids to develop physically, emotionally and socially.

It’s important to note that any used playground equipment for sale you purchase should be inspected by a professional safety consultant. This is because standards change frequently to keep kids safe.

There are also a number of issues to consider when buying pre-owned equipment such as:

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