Keep Your Kids Cool and Happy With Inflatable Water Games

inflatable water games

Keep Your Kids Cool and Happy With Inflatable Water Games

When kids play outside during summer, it’s easy to keep them cool and happy with inflatable water games.

But as inflatable water toys and activities expand, safety standards aren’t keeping pace. Youth leaders need to be aware of the risks so that they can prevent injuries and drowning on inflatable water equipment at camp or on outdoor excursions.


Slides are a summer staple for kids who love to spend time playing in the water. They’re fun for both children and adults, and they provide an excellent opportunity for parents to get their kids away from their phones and tablets. Fortunately, there are many great inflatable slides available to choose from. They can easily be rented from local companies, but sometimes it’s difficult to find one on short notice. In addition, it can be hard to fit in a trip to the water park if you’re trying to do so on a busy weekend.

A water slide is an essential part of any backyard pool party. These inflatables come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of your group. Some are pool-based and require an inflatable pool to use, while others are freestanding and can be used without a pool. In addition, there are also a wide range of accessories and add-ons available to make your experience even more exciting.

Inflatable water games are a great way to spark the competitive spirit in children and create memorable experiences. These activities are an ideal way to beat boredom, especially during the summer when kids tend to be most active. With an inflatable water slide, you can create a never-ending source of entertainment for your kids.

Water Parks

When the mercury rises and summer heat sets in, a water park can be just the ticket to cool off. These world-class parks boast everything from towering slides with landings and pools to a plethora of other attractions that saturate patrons in inflatable water games fun. Some offer a tech twist on classic rides, too. For example, Florida’s Wildwater Kingdom features a water coaster that allows riders to control music and video during their plunge. Others have smart wristbands that let you control parts of the park, snap photos and even locate your friends and family.

One of the major trends in water park design is an emphasis on family rides. This means more slides and other attractions designed for smaller people that are more suitable for younger families. This trend is a boon for many of these parks, since it allows them to hit attendance capacity and sell season passes much sooner.

Inflatable water games also help to make these parks more profitable. For example, a giant themed water faucet allows guests to play with the water and create the illusion of flowing water. Another popular inflatable is the squirt gun, which can spray a blast of water up to 60 feet. It’s a big hit at birthday parties, festivals and school carnivals.

Water Games

Kids love games, and adding water can make them even more fun. Add a little water to classic outdoor games, such as volleyball or sprinkler Twister, for an even bigger splash on a hot summer day.

A hose can turn almost any game into a water game. Get creative with a water limbo or put a twist on the traditional pinata. Use a kiddie pool or large bucket and fill it with water and a handful of objects (small toys, pennies, plastic bugs, ping pong balls) that sink or float. Have players blindfold themselves and try to guess which object will sink or float. The player who guesses correctly wins!

For a more competitive water game, play a water bottle flip challenge. Split the players into two teams and have them place a full bucket and an empty bucket a few yards apart. The first player will dip their sponge inflatable water games into the bucket of water, race to the empty bucket, squeeze out their sponge, and then race back to the original bucket. The team with the most water left in their bucket at the end wins!

Another fun way to play with water is to have a sponge bomb throw. Place a couple of large buckets close together and place a plastic cup inside each one. Divide the players into two equal teams, and have them stand behind their buckets. Each player will then take turns chucking the sponge bombs into their opposite buckets. The team who gets the most in their bucket in a minute wins.


Inflatable water games are a fun way for kids and adults to enjoy the outdoors without risking serious injury. These inflatables can be found at outdoor recreation areas, summer camps and many other locations. They offer a safe alternative to other more dangerous water activities such as zip lines and high ropes courses, which increase the chance of spinal cord injuries.

National safety standards for inflatable water structures haven’t caught up with their popularity, though. Manufacturers provide guidelines with each piece of equipment, but they don’t always offer a full picture of a structure’s operation. This makes it easy for people to assume that the water inflatables are safe. In reality, collisions with other people, entrapment and drowning are common hazards.

Youth leaders at the camp or other location can help keep water inflatables safe by watching kids closely. If something doesn’t look right, they should speak up. For example, when a youth leader saw one freshman boy struggling to climb an inflatable climbing wall last summer, the leader asked a lifeguard about it. The youth leader’s alert may have saved the boy’s life.

Inflatable water games should not be used in bad weather (rain, hale and winds exceeding 20mph). Inflatables should also be shut down when it rains or gets too cold to play safely. Lastly, participants should not jump or flip inside an inflatable; they should slide down any surface feet first only.

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