DALI Motion Sensor Wholesalers

DALI Motion Sensor Wholesalers

DALI motion sensors are a great way to monitor and control your lighting. They also allow you to save energy while still being able to react quickly to motion.

DALI motion sensors are available from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. We’ve compiled a list of the top dali motion sensor wholesalers to help you find the right one for your project.


The best dali motion sensor wholesalers are able to offer a range of different devices that work within DALI based lighting control systems. These include presence detectors, temperature sensors and IR remote controls.

One of the leading manufacturers in the field is ESYLUX, who have a wide range of products that can be used to implement smart building automation. They also offer a range of wireless sensors, which can be used to communicate with LED drivers.

Moreover, they are part of the DALI-AG Working Group, which is a group of key suppliers that adhere to DALI and IEC 62386 standards. As a participating member, they are able to participate in committee proceedings and play an important role in developing specifications.

Their DALI-based devices are able to communicate with higher-level control systems and building automation systems via bus systems (e.g. KNX, BACnet or MODBUS).

They are capable of adjusting light control to changes in room layout and usage, allowing for perfect light management. They can also be reassigned to new conditions without rewiring or programming, ensuring that the system can adapt to changing needs.

DALI-based sensors are available in a variety of styles, and many are designed to be recessed ceiling mounted or surface-mounted. These are particularly useful for large applications, such as factory buildings, storage facilities and warehouses.

These are able to detect occupancy dali motion sensor wholesalers and switch lights on when a person is present. They can also be paired with extension sensors to extend the detection area, which allows for greater flexibility when controlling lighting.

In addition, they can be paired with rotary dimmers and switches to broadcast their signals, enabling users to easily control a wide range of lighting options.

The best dali motion sensor wholesalers can also provide support for installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance services. This can be especially helpful for larger projects that require frequent updates or adjustments to the system.

DALI-based sensors can be incorporated into advanced lighting control solutions, which ensure perfect light management and save energy. These devices are able to communicate with higher-level controls and building automation systems via bus systems, allowing for flexible installation and future-oriented stability.


The dali motion sensor wholesalers on Thomas offer a range of products including gyros, accelerometers, tilt sensors, vibration sensors and magnetometers. These sensors are used for detecting movement and are often integrated with a dali controller.

One of the most popular dali motion sensors is the Vega EX-Motion sensor. It is powered by the DALI bus and can be configured to operate in different modes. These include local override, parallel operation and network links to building management systems (BMS).

Another dali motion sensor supplier is LMS. This company specializes in motion sensors for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Its products are available in a variety of sizes and features.

A dali motion sensor can be a great addition to any office or home. It can be used to detect movement and automatically adjust the lighting based on the activity in the room.

It also has the ability to control a light source from a remote location through an infrared remote. The sensor also has a built-in daylight harvesting feature that allows the device to save energy by reducing light levels.

The dali motion sensor from Glamox is an effective solution for high-bay application, especially in warehouses and factories. It combines motion detection with an ambient light level sensor and DALI communication, enabling it to be powered directly from the DALI bus.

This sensor is available in a number of options, including covers that limit the sensor’s detection area. Its slender design makes it suitable for applications with limited space.

For indoor use, the dali motion sensor is typically installed in a ceiling installation. Alternatively, the unit can be used in a wall or floor fixture.

ESYLUX is the leading provider of DALI presence detectors. Their products help increase energy efficiency, improve comfort and enhance productivity in any workplace.

They also have the ability to integrate their products with building automation and security systems. This ensures that you can easily create cross-room automation and manage your lighting from a single interface.

Vega offers a range of products for factory automation, nuclear, robotics, and motion control. They are headquartered in Troy, MI and have an estimated annual revenue of $23 million.


dali motion sensor wholesalers are companies that sell products and components related to the digital addressable lighting interface (DALI). Their products are compatible with any brand of DALI-2 certified light control system. The dali standard was originally dali motion sensor wholesalers published by the IEC in 2014, but it has evolved to include multiple optional parts and options, including wireless-enabled network controllers.

One such option is the ceiling mount multi-sensor, which combines a DALI-2 and D4i certified motion sensor and a light sensor. The combination detects motion and measures illuminance level, which can then be used in the D4i LED drivers or luminaires to increase occupant comfort and to save significant energy. This product can also be used in non-D4i DALI drivers or luminaires, as it has a standard zhaga interface socket that can be easily fitted to various luminaires without the need for tools.

Another option is the Zhaga-D4i program, which enables plug-and-play interoperability of sensors, communication nodes and Zhaga-powered luminaires with a common baseplate. This program was implemented by the DALI Alliance to allow control solutions with intelligent LED-based lighting products from multiple vendors to be constructed. This makes it easier for designers and owners of outdoor road lighting to combine their lighting with digital communications and sensors to achieve optimal performance.


The price of a dali motion sensor isn’t something you should be embarrassed by. It isn’t all that expensive if you are willing to shop around. The best part is that you can use it as a stand alone or integrate it into your dali light control system to reap the rewards of a dali worthy ambiance. The best way to make a smart purchase is to check out the reviews of several different manufacturers to find out what works best for your needs. This can be done by asking for suggestions from your trusted sales representative, or examining the ratings and specifications on the products themselves.

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