Biodegradable iPhone Case

biodegradable iphone case

Biodegradable iPhone Case

A biodegradable phone case is a great way to protect your iPhone while also helping save the planet. Some phone cases are made from natural materials like bamboo and cork that can be composted at home.

Others, such as bioplastics, will need to be disposed of at an industrial composting facility. So before you buy a new case, be sure to research the material it’s made from.


Casetify is a Hong Kong-based tech gear brand that creates trendy phone cases and accessories. Their products are geared toward Apple and Android models, and many of their designs feature well-known franchises like Pokemon and NASA, as well as famous celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Their eco-friendly cases are made from recycled materials including manufacturing scraps and plant derived bio-plastics. They also use non-toxic, eco-friendly inks made from soy beans instead of petroleum-based inks.

They have a wide selection of cases and are always updating their collections with new styles. They offer several different options for the iPhone 7, 8 and X.

You can personalize the case with any text you want, which is a fun and environmentally friendly way to customize your smartphone. They also have a variety of quirky patterns to choose from.

The company claims that its compostable iPhone cases are durable and offer military-grade protection. You’ll get 6.6-foot drop resistance and a raised edge design to protect your screen.

It’s worth noting that while these cases are 100% compostable, they won’t break down in the environment right away. This means you should dispose of them responsibly, making sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications.

In addition to their phone cases, Casetify offers an eco-friendly line of bags, wallets, backpacks and other accessories. They are made of recycled materials, including old, discarded phone cases and manufacturing scraps.

They also have a compostable lining that breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, which mixes back into the soil. The lining doesn’t leave any toxins behind, and the material is also free of lead, cadmium, BPA and phthalates.


Inbeage is a biodegradable iphone case made from wheat straw and TPU. It is GREEN and durable and will biodegrade in 3-6 months in ideal composting conditions.

It is fully covered with raised edges to prevent face-down drops and provides excellent protection for your phone. Moreover, it is a shock absorber and offers a good grip.

The case is also a great choice for anyone who wants to make a statement about their environmentalism. It’s made from 65% high-performance TPU and 35% natural wheat straw.

This combination makes it a sturdy and sustainable option for anyone who wants to look good while making the world a better place. The material is biodegradable and compostable, meeting European EN 13432 and USA BPI standards.

MMORE is a case maker that uses compostable materials to create stylish phone cases that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. They offer a wide variety of compostable covers that are made from hemp, hay, jasmine, and coffee, which provide a subtle scent while you use your phone.

Pela is another company that offers a range of stylish and eco-friendly cases. Their cases are incredibly durable and completely free of toxins. The brand also donates 1% of each sale to charity, so you can rest assured that your purchase will help the community.

Wilma is another company that focuses on eco-friendly products and donating to ocean conservation projects. They make phone cases using a blend of plant-based resources and biopolymers, which have been certified as biodegradable according to European EN 13432 and USA BPI.

The company has an online shop with a selection of mobile phone case phone cases for a wide range of devices, including the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S20 models. They are incredibly affordable and ship in recyclable packaging.


Pela is the world’s first fully sustainable phone case company. Their biodegradable cases are made from a blend of Flaxstic(r), which is a plant-based material made up of leftover flax straw waste, plant-based biopolymers, and recycled materials.

They’re BPA-free, and the resulting case protects your device from drops and scratches. Plus, they’re super flexible and soft to the touch.

You can also choose from a variety of colors and designs, with the option to get an etched design (which we really like). If you want to show off your eco-friendly lifestyle, you can go for one that features a calming mountain landscape or a fun blue-gray version.

While most plastic phone cases don’t break down very quickly, Pela’s material breaks down in industrial compost facilities in less than six months. This makes them the most environmentally friendly choice available for iPhone owners who are looking to reduce their impact on the planet.

They also make a range of airpods cases, SmartWatch bands, and other tech accessories, all with the same biodegradable material that makes their phone cases. They’re also known for their reusable, recyclable packaging and shipping. Additionally, they offer a 100% happiness guarantee and a $200 replacement program for damaged cases.


When you’re done using your phone case, send it back to Popsicase and they’ll make a new one. It’s a great way to reduce ocean plastic pollution and support the circular economy.

Founded in Spain, Popsicase’s designs are made from recycled ocean plastic—specifically fishing nets that are collected in the Mediterranean Sea. They also use aluminum scraps from cans and bicycle wheels that are sourced all over Europe.

The company’s products are made in a factory that uses renewable energy, little water and no chemicals. They’re printed with eco-friendly inks and ship in a 100% recyclable box.

They donate a portion of their sales to NGOs like Mission Blue, which works to conserve ocean biodiversity and protect coral reefs. They’re available in a variety of colors and patterns, too.

Their cases are made from a mix of PLA, PBAT and bamboo fiber. These biodegradable materials are compostable in commercial and backyard composters (it takes 180 days).

Another sustainable option is Nimble, which makes phone cases out of reclaimed CDs and plastic bottles. The company also donates 5% of their profits to nonprofits that protect ocean life and combat climate change.

Pela is another eco-friendly company that sells a number of biodegradable products, including this phone mobile phone case case. Its hemp hurd material is made from waste from the hemp industry, which means that it’s a highly sustainable product.

While these are all great companies to look into for environmentally friendly smartphone accessories, there are a few that don’t quite meet our standards of being completely eco-friendly. That’s why we have rounded up some alternatives to consider.

For a truly biodegradable iPhone case, try Casetify’s customizable compostable case. They’ll plant a tree for every eco-friendly case they sell, making this the most ecologically responsible choice on our list.


Wilma is a Swedish phone case brand that uses biodegradable materials, making it a great option for people who want to protect their phones while saving the planet. Their cases are made from corn materials like cellulose and cornstarch, and they break down completely within six months of disposal.

They also have a wide variety of colors and designs. They even sell a few scented options, including lavender, coffee grinds, and forest moss.

MMORE’s eco-friendly biodegradable phone cases are made from flax and PLA bioplastic and contain organic material pressed into the back to give them a little scent. The scented option is a great way to add a bit of personality to your phone without adding any toxic chemicals.

Pela is another biodegradable phone case that is made from flax shiv, a natural shock-resistant material. It’s fully compostable, and it has a minimalistic design that’s perfect for those who prefer subtle colors and elegant looks.

Their phone cases are 100% biodegradable and they’re certified by European standards. They’re also shock-proof and durable, so they can protect your phone from drops.

They also have a variety of designs, so you can find one that matches your personal style. Their cases are printed with water-based inks that are free of phthalates, BPA, and cadmium.

In addition to their eco-friendly phone cases, Pela also donates a portion of their sales to non-profit environmental organizations. They also offer a return policy and their cases are shipped in recycled packaging, so you can be sure that they’re going to be a good choice for your environment.

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