Protect Your Home With Decorative Glass Window Film

Glass Window Film

Protect Your Home With Decorative Glass Window Film

The right window film can keep your tenants comfortable and save you money on energy costs. It also helps to discourage vandalism and theft.

Decorative window films allow you to maintain your view and add privacy to your home or business without changing the look of your windows. They help to hold glass fragments together in the event of breakage and reduce injuries caused by flying broken glass.

Reduces UV Rays

Many people are surprised to learn that dangerous UV rays can penetrate windows even when they’re closed. Window film can reject up to 99% of those rays, offering protection for the skin and furnishings in the home. It also slows fading of artwork and fabrics, helping to preserve the beauty of your home’s decor while saving you money by reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Most window films are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which offers the ability to hold up well against changing temperatures, moisture levels and solvents in cleaners. They are applied to the interior side of the glass, although some can be installed on the exterior under certain circumstances.

Some window films reduce visible light transmittance by a small percentage, which improves visibility and helps to eliminate eye strain from excessive Glass Window Film glare. This also reduces the amount of heat that enters a room, helping to lower energy bills by lowering heating and cooling costs.

The most common type of window film is reflective, which works by reflecting the solar energy that would normally pass through the glass. Reflective window films provide significant solar heat gain reduction at a fraction of the cost of tinted glass. Some of the newer types of window films are designed to be neutral in color, which provides a nice look without sacrificing any energy savings.

Reduces Heat

There is a wide variety of window films designed for specific applications such as energy efficiency, security and decorative enhancement. Energy control window films help to save on cooling costs by keeping heat from radiating through glass in the summer and conserving a building’s interior heat during winter months.

Energy efficient window film reflects the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared light away from the windows. The result is an unobstructed view of the outdoors while maintaining privacy in your home or commercial space. It is important to choose a window film that offers UV protection, a low Emissivity factor and a high Visible Light Transmission factor.

Window film is an affordable alternative to a window replacement project and is easily installed by your local glass company. The installation process usually takes a short amount of time and can be done without any disruption to your business or residential life.

Some window films offer a Title 24 compliant rating and will allow a single pane of glass to perform like a dual or triple pane of glass. Window film is also an easy solution to achieve energy savings and sustainability goals while reducing carbon footprints.

Increases Privacy

Window film offers a wide variety of options to enhance privacy without the need for curtains or blinds. There are many different patterns and colors available to create a more frosted or opaque look that prevents people outside your windows from being able to see inside your home or business. Decorative window films offer privacy during the day and still allow natural light to shine through at night.

One way glass window film is very popular in offices and other businesses where maintaining a high level of privacy is essential for the productivity of employees. This type of film allows those working in the building to see out while preventing passers by from being able to see in, protecting confidential information and creating a safer workplace environment.

This film can be combined with a patterned or textured window treatment to achieve a more stained glass or etched look on your windows. It provides privacy during the daylight and at night, Glass Window Film when lights are turned on inside your home or office, it becomes transparent again and prevents people from being able to see in.

This type of window film has reflective properties that cause it to reflect the light that hits it. During the day, this gives your windows a mirror effect and reduces visibility from the outside so that people cannot see into your home or office. At night, when the light is turned off inside your home or office, the mirror effect goes away and allows the natural light to flow through the windows again.


When window blinds and curtains aren’t enough to create the desired aesthetic in a space, decorative glass film is an easy and inexpensive solution. These adhesive-free (static-cling) films are a more durable alternative to traditional etched glass and offer varying levels of privacy while enhancing existing windows. Designed with fabric-inspired patterns that take the edge off harsh light and echo upholstered furnishings, these styles add character and functionality to your space.

Adding a pattern to your kitchen windows opens up the space visually and allows for natural light without having to look at all of the pantry items and dishes behind them. Frosted and patterned window film is popular for this purpose.

Window film is also used as a decorative element on glass shower doors to create a custom look that complements the decor of the bathroom while keeping the view unobstructed. Decorative window film is available in a variety of styles and can be cut to size to create a unique design.

In addition to protecting a home’s occupants from harmful UV rays and reducing heat and glare, there are many glass window films that offer safety and security benefits. Safety and security films help prevent glass from shattering on impact. This reduces the danger of flying glass shards and can deter criminal activity by lessening a potential intruder’s ability to see into a space.

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