Lento OPzS 200Ah 12V Tubular Battery

Lento OPzS 200Ah 12V Tubular Battery

Lento OPzS 200Ah 12V TUBULAR Battery

Lento OPzS 200AH 12V tubular batteries are ideal for powering a wide range of electronic devices. Their advanced technology and superior materials help them deliver maximum power for longer periods of time. They are also suitable for powering inverters and UPS.

Luminous 200Ah 12V TUBULAR Battery

Luminous 200Ah 12V TIBULAR Battery is a 200Ah 12V tubular lead acid battery that offers an outstanding 36-month warranty. These batteries are great for off-grid installations because of their durability and reliability. They also have advanced features for long life, resulting in a high value for the money you pay.

A battery is the heart of a power backup solution. It plays a vital role in the performance of an Inverter and the longevity of a UPS solution, which is why it’s so important to choose the right one for your needs. This Luminous 200Ah 12V TIBULAR Battery provides long life and exceptional performance in an array of environments.

Luminous 200Ah 12V TIBULAR Battery features a thick grid design and special alloys that resist oxidation and corrosion. This leads to a longer battery life in deep-cycle applications. It also features a maintenance-free, sealed design.

Luminous 200AH 12V TIBULAR Battery is ideal for inverter UPS systems and features a C20 rating for heavy-duty use. The tubular-plate technology of Luminous Batteries maximizes the amount of power that is stored, and it also minimizes the risk of internal short circuits.

The next generation of tubular batteries boasts 30% more acid volume per ampere hour. This ensures reliable power backup. Even with short bursts of power, it can withstand prolonged tubular battery power cuts without losing its charge. This makes a great addition to any emergency kit or backup system.

Luminous OPzS OPzV 200Ah 12V TUBULAR Battery

The Luminous OPzS OPZV 200Ah 12V TUBULA Battery is a tubular lead acid battery with a 200Ah/12V capacity. This battery is a safe and dependable option for larger off-grid systems. As a lead acid battery, it doesn’t have a cutoff tubular battery point, which means it will continue to provide power until your inverter cuts off. It comes with a 36-month warranty.

Both types of batteries are sealed, which ensures a long life for the batteries. In float applications, OPzS batteries require little maintenance. In addition, the battery’s transparent SAN or ABS housing will prevent it from bulging. These features are important for mission-critical applications where the battery will be installed in a remote location.

The OPzV battery has a deep cycle and high-frequency discharge capability, which make it the best choice for applications that require frequent deep discharges. The OPzV battery is especially useful for applications in telecom, BESS, standby power, and railways. Its high discharge current allows it to handle deep discharges, up to two C amps.

The OPzV 200Ah battery’s unique tubular positive plate design has a deep discharge capacity and long cycle life. Its rounded design provides up to 15% more acid contact area, resulting in improved energy density. The OPzV battery also has a gauntlet holding the active material against the conductor, which reduces battery resistance. It also avoids loss of PAM during deep cyclic operation.

Its capacity allows it to provide continuous power for up to ten hours with a 20A discharge. This battery is a Class10 or C20 battery. Hence, its Ah rating is listed in mm and not in Watts.

Luminous OPzS 200Ah 12V TUBULAR Battery

The Luminous OPzS 200AH 12V TUBULAR Battery offers a new level of performance for 12V applications. The company has invested in developing this new battery to meet the needs of its users. The Luminous brand has long been the leading name in batteries in the Nigerian market, with users trusting the brand for its excellent performance. But the company has also seen a need to differentiate itself even more from the competition by raising its quality standard.

The Luminous inverter batteries are highly regarded by consumers for their performance and reliability. The company offers an excellent line of maintenance-free (SMF) and VRLA batteries to meet the needs of different users. The SMF range offers a low self-discharge rate and a long service life. These features make the Luminous OPzS 200Ah 12V TUBULAR Battery a great choice for power backup.

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