Biodegradable iPhone Case

biodegradable iphone case

Biodegradable iPhone Case

Many smartphones are made with non-biodegradable plastics. These plastics end up in landfills and oceans, where they can damage the environment for hundreds of years.

Pela Case uses environmentally sensible materials to create phone cases that are fully biodegradable. Using flax straw, a waste product from wheat harvesting, they are able to meet AST D6400 compostability standards. They also use plastic-free packaging and offset carbon emissions through Climate Partner.

Why Choose Biodegradable Phone Cases?

Phone cases have become a ubiquitous accessory, but they are made from dense plastics that take hundreds of years to break down in the environment. That means they can clog landfills and cause environmental pollution. A biodegradable phone case is a great way to protect your phone while helping the planet.

Pela Case makes a variety of eco-friendly phone cases from plant-based materials, and they are currently the world’s most popular compostable phone case brand. Their founder started experimenting with phone cases made from plant-based materials after seeing polluted beaches in Hawaii. They are available on Amazon, and most customers love the colors and designs they offer. They also fit well on the iPhone X, and they are a good choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly and durable case.

One of the best things about this company is that they donate a percentage of their profits to organizations that work to protect endangered animals. They are also working to make their cases more sustainable. In addition, they have a range of biodegradable cases that feature endangered animals.

Another great thing about this company is that their products are made from a high-quality, biodegradable material called Yatay. This material is made from wheat straw waste and is a better option for the environment than traditional plastic. Their biodegradable cases are stylish and are compatible with wireless charging, and they are also available in a number of different sizes and styles.

Biodegradable Materials

Many phone cases are made of dense plastics that can take hundreds of years to break down after they’re discarded, contributing to environmental pollution and clogging landfills. Thankfully, there are eco-friendly alternatives available. Look for cases that are made from sustainable materials like bamboo, bioplastics, or plant fibers. They should also be free of toxins such as BPA and phthalates.

The Wilma Case is a perfect example of a stylish, functional, and biodegradable phone case. It’s made from a blend of 65% TPU and biodegradable iphone case 35% natural wheat straw, which are both biodegradable. In addition, it’s completely free of BPA, lead, cadmium, and phthalates. The case comes in a variety of colors and designs, and it’s suitable for both iPhone X and iPhone XS.

Another great option is the MMORE Case. This case is a bit heavier than the Wilma, but it’s also made from recycled wood that’s sourced from FSC-certified forests. It’s also handmade and finished in a low-VOC coating that’s safe for kids and the environment.

If you’re looking for a durable, waterproof eco-friendly phone case, check out the Reveal line of eco-friendly cases. Their eco-friendly iPhone cases are made from bamboo, hardwoods, and cork fabric, which is a vegan alternative to leather. They’re also incredibly tough, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. They fit the iPhone SE, X, and XR, as well as the 6 and 12 models in mini, pro, plus, and max sizes.

Biodegradable Phone Cases That Are Compostable

If you’re looking for a phone case that is both eco-friendly and compostable, check out this one from Pela. It’s made of a combination of flax shive materials and a compostable bioplastic elastomer, and it’s free from BPA, cadmium, and lead. It’s also designed to break down within 160 days in industrial composting facilities and can be home-composted if you have the right conditions.

It’s available for iPhone X, XR, and XS models in mini, pro, and plus sizes. The company uses recycled and organic ingredients and ships their cases in cardboard shipping boxes, which are themselves 100% recyclable. They’re also a certified B-Corp, which means they’re committed to sustainable practices like water conservation, energy efficiency, and waste management.

Another eco-friendly option is this case from Wave. It’s made from a plant-based material that is both biodegradable and compostable, and it comes with etchings of sea turtles, daisies, clouds, mushrooms, and more. The textured surface lies softly in your hands and is comfortable for long periods of time.

For each case sold, the company plants a tree. Their products are made in a water recycling factory in Sweden that is powered by solar and hydroelectricity. The company’s cases are compatible with MagSafe chargers and come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. They’re also designed to protect your phone from drops and scratches.

Biodegradable Phone Cases That Are Not Compostable

Brands like Reveal make eco-friendly iPhone cases with bamboo, a hardwood that looks and feels like leather but is vegan and cruelty-free. They also use cork fabric, a natural material that’s a great choice for eco-friendly phone cases because it absorbs impact and helps prevent screen scratches. They offer cases for the iPhone X/XR, XS, and XS Max, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10-S22 Ultra.

The brand aims to intertwine fashion with sustainability, and that’s evident in their designs. The cork material is visually stunning and has a soft texture that clings to the biodegradable iphone case back and sides of your iPhone. They’re also lined with vegan fabric to protect the back and camera lenses from scratches. The company ensures that their wood is sustainable and comes from FSC-certified forests.

Some biodegradable phone case brands claim that their products are compostable, but it’s important to read the fine print. Most public dumps and landfills don’t provide the air, moisture, and sunlight that biodegradable plastics need to break down. So, even if the phone case is made with organic materials, it may not decompose properly. You should look for cases that are certified as home or backyard compostable or by a third-party composting company. Also, avoid putting your case in a mixed waste stream with recyclable plastics. This will confuse the machines that sort trash and could reduce the effectiveness of recycling programs.

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