Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

acoustic slat wood wall panels

Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

The acoustic slat wood wall panels is a beautifully designed wood strip decor wall and ceiling panel that offers premium acoustic qualities. Modern styling personified!

Unlike traditional egg carton style sound absorption panels that look horrible on walls, these wooden wall panels will elevate your interior design, blending with different decor styles. The charred oak veneer finish creates a refined aesthetic that enhances any room.

Modern Style

Acoustic slat wood wall panels are perfect for contemporary interior design projects. These wood panels come in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles to suit your space. They’re lightweight and don’t require fancy tools to install. You can easily cut them down or shape them into a curve using a fine saw, hammer, and nails.

These wood acoustic panels are made from recycled materials and provide excellent sound-absorbing qualities. They also add texture and depth to the room and work well in any style. They’re the perfect alternative to traditional soundproofing methods. They also look more aesthetically pleasing and modern than traditional wall paneling.

Contemporary oak finish slatted panels on felt backing complement a range of decor styles and can be installed to instantly transform your residential or commercial space. The gap between each slat is 13mm, allowing natural characteristics and slight color variation to be retained.

Designed and manufactured for both their aesthetics and premium acoustic qualities, these wood acoustic panels are easy to mount on any surface and can be customized to fit your needs. They can be used to create a custom acoustic ceiling or simply mount them to walls to enhance their beauty.

Whether you want to create a stylish, elegant wall or ceiling, these wood acoustic panels will transform your room into an amazing space. The wood slats are attached to acoustic slat wood wall panels a specially created, recycled acoustic felt material that’s easy to install. With their current styling personified, these acoustic panels are the perfect way to update your home or office. Unlike older soundproofing methods that use drywall to reduce noises, acoustic wood slat panels are more cost-effective and don’t compromise the quality of your room.

Recycled Felt Backing

Acoustic wood panels look great in a wide range of environments, from homes and apartments to restaurants, hotels, and offices. They offer a refined aesthetic and superior sound-absorption that eliminates background noise and helps your team work together in peace. Conventional sound-absorption methods can include costly and invasive amendments to walls or quick but ineffective options like rugs and window treatments. However, there is a better way to upgrade your space and get the best of both worlds: acoustic slat wood wall panels.

The acoustic slat wall panel series is the ultimate personification of modern styling. These stunning wood strip decorative wall and ceiling slat panels are crafted from luxury quality, smooth wood veneer finished with a clean, contemporary appearance. The Lamella strips are then mounted onto a uniquely designed recycled acoustic felt material. The result is a gorgeous wood slat wall panel that is simple to install and instantly transforms your room.

Unlike other types of decorative wall and ceiling paneling, the backing of the acoustic slat panels is made from environmentally-friendly recycled felt materials. Unlike synthetic felt, wool and fur felt are natural materials that do not use any chemicals in the manufacturing process. Moreover, they are inherently more biodegradable and sustainable for the environment than the synthetic materials used in polyester and acrylic textiles. Furthermore, the natural materials used in these acoustic wall and ceiling panels are also kinder to the skin than other synthetic fibers.

This eco-friendly and sustainable backing material is a key component of the acoustic slat panel’s undeniable acoustic properties. Unlike conventional soundproofing materials, the felt backer of these acoustic slat wooden wall panels absorbs soundwaves rather than reflecting them. This reduces reverberation and improves speech clarity. The acoustic slats of the wooden panels on top of the felt enhance this effect further, making them the perfect choice for any home or office that wants to improve its soundproofing without sacrificing aesthetics.

The acoustic slat cladding of these panels features a smoky variation of dark wood tones and can easily blend in with different decor styles. Its reclaimed timber veneer finish brings a sense of luxury and sophistication that elevates the visual appeal of any room. Effortlessly merging style and sustainability, the Posh Wood Charred Oak acoustic slat walls bring a subtle aesthetic that seamlessly aligns with various interior design styles.

Sound Absorption

Modern interiors are often characterized by hard, smooth surfaces from floors to walls and furniture, which causes sound waves to reflect without attenuation. This creates echo and reverberations that are distracting when communicating or watching a movie. Our acoustic wood wall panels are able to reduce these problems and make your space cozy and soundproof. The wooden slats are used as a sound diffuser and the recycled PET absorptive panel is used as a sound absorber to ensure that the noise stays inside the room, not bouncing around and making it harder to talk and concentrate.

Posh Wood Charred Oak acoustic slat wood panels combine both style and sustainability, with a refined aesthetic that blends seamlessly into various decor styles. The slatted oak veneer brings warmth and a sense of elegance into any space, easily complementing the natural colours already present in your home or office. These acoustic wood panels are designed for easy DIY installation, making them suitable for homeowners and renters alike to transform their living or working environment in just days.

Conventional acoustic treatments can be expensive, invasive, or ineffective, but our acoustic wood wall panels offer a new way to bring both style and functionality to any space. Instead of the egg carton style panels seen in recording studios, these slatted wood panels feature a sleek, contemporary design with a sustainable felt backing that absorbs sound and reduces reverberation. These wood acoustic wall and ceiling panels are available in a variety of styles, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your space, whether it be a simple wood slat wall or an entire room remodel.

Easy Installation

Unlike the traditional egg carton style wall paneling you see in recording studios, these modern wood slat panels are easy to install for homeowners. They can be glued or screwed to the walls, and they work well on both flat and curved surfaces.

The slatted acoustic wood wall panels feature a natural, organic aesthetic and blend beautifully with a wide array of acoustic slat wood wall panels decor styles. They create a sense of sophistication without sacrificing the environment, and the sustainable felt layer on the back of the panels absorbs sound waves to reduce reverberation and improve speech clarity.

These modern wood slat wall panels are perfect for media and living rooms, bedroom feature walls, offices, and more. The acoustic wood panels are easy to clean, and the eco-friendly felt on the back of the slatted acoustic wall panels is easily cut and bent to fit your space.

Our acoustic slat wood wall panels are the ultimate expression of contemporary design. These beautiful wood slat wall panels look stunning on both flat and curved walls, and they are easy to install for homeowners. The wood slats are made from high-quality, sustainable materials. The panels are backed by a premium, recycled acoustic felt. The acoustic slat wall panels are available in four designer colours and will instantly transform your room.

This gorgeous acoustic wood panel is the perfect way to update your home or business. The slatted design adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, and the natural wood tones are sure to complement any interior decor. The panels are backed by an eco-friendly, recycled felt that absorbs sound to reduce reverberation and improve voice clarity.

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