A Playground Tube Slide Provides Thrills and Excitement

playground tube slide

A Playground Tube Slide Provides Thrills and Excitement

A playground tube slide is a popular way to provide thrills and excitement to children on your park or play area. These slides are available in various shapes and can be made of plastic or steel.

While they are fun and exciting, they can also be dangerous. Giant tube slides can pose a hazard for kids, especially if they are overweight or wearing slippery clothing.


Tube slides are an excellent way to encourage children to hone their gross motor skills. They’re also great for teaching them how to take turns.

While these slides are popular among playgrounds, they can also cause severe injury if not used properly. These slide injuries can result in serious long-term health problems, including fractures and dislocations of the knees or hips.

Fortunately, many playground tube slides are designed to prevent this type of injury. They’re often constructed of stainless steel, rotation-molded plastic or a combination of the two.

Another important safety feature of these playground slides is their chute, which is completely enclosed with only openings at the ends. This ensures that any stray hair or loose clothing will not come in contact with the child.

The chute on a playground tube slide should be at least as tall as the child who is going to use it, and it should be covered with surfacing material that meets the ASTM F1292. This material will protect kids in case they fall from the slide and cushion their landing at the exit of the chute.

While metal slides are the most common source of playground burns, they’re being replaced by safer slides that are made of plastic coated with heat-reducing paint. This helps minimize the risk of burns while providing a fun, interactive play experience for children of all ages.

The Australian standards for playground equipment are not mandated by law, so not all playgrounds will be certified to the latest published standard, tested with a risk assessment before installation or regularly checked for wear and tear that could cause injury. It’s best to check with your local council for the most up-to-date information on this topic.


Slides are an important part of the playground, helping kids develop balance and coordination. They also provide an opportunity for kids to practice social skills like sharing, taking turns, and waiting in line.

Depending on the material used, slides can be very durable and resistant to outdoor elements and normal wear and tear. Plastic and metal are the most common materials used to make commercial-grade playground slides.

Durability is a big concern for playground owners, so it’s important to choose the best type of slide. Some factors to consider include the material used, its durability, and its safety features.

A slide’s material can impact its longevity and overall cost, so it’s important to choose a high-quality option that will last for years. The most popular materials for slides are plastic and metal, though they can be made from other materials as well.

Some metals, such as stainless steel, are extremely durable and resistant to regular playground tube slide wear and tear. However, they can also be vulnerable to rust, so it’s important to choose slides that are treated to resist corrosion.

Another option for slides is rotation-molded LDPE, which provides superior durability and strength. This type of plastic keeps the parts consistent during production, reducing the chances of uneven surfaces or defects. It also contains anti-static inhibitors to prevent static cling.

These slides are more expensive than other types of plastic slides, but they offer better durability and are easier to clean and repair. They are also more versatile, allowing manufacturers to create slides with fun shapes and designs.

Some of these slides are made to be double-wide, which allows multiple users to slide down at the same time. This can be a great way to encourage competitive play and to give kids a chance to compete with their friends.


Playground tube slides are one of the most popular and fun-to-use playground components. They are available in many shapes and sizes, and they can be made from a variety of materials. They are often used as a central attraction in playground tube slide playgrounds and other play structures, so it’s important to choose a slide that will suit your needs and the children who use them.

Slides can be made from a variety of different materials, including metal and plastic. While steel is a classic option, plastic is an affordable alternative that is safer and can be made in any shape or color.

Aside from being more durable, metal slides are also slicker than plastic, which allows kids to have more fun on them and reach higher speeds. However, be aware that if you have a playground that gets a lot of sunlight, it’s important to put slides under shade.

While straight and flat playground slides are common, curved slides can provide even more excitement. They can be shaped like an L or S, or they can have a spiral that goes around the entire perimeter of the slide.

Besides being fun, a playground slide can also help kids develop strength and coordination. They need to climb to the top of the slide, which requires upper body strength and fine motor skills. Once they have reached the top, kids can then use their arms and legs to pull themselves up a ladder, net, or other climbing structure.

For safety, playground slides should be made to CPSC standards and guidelines. These standards and guidelines are designed to ensure that slides and other playground equipment are safe for children to use. They include guidelines for platform height and drainage, as well as barriers or guardrails that should be positioned to prevent the entry of skateboarders or other potential dangers.


Colors can have a big impact on the appeal of playground equipment to kids, and the slide is no exception. Luckily, a wide variety of colors are available to ensure that your children will get excited about the slide as well as any other piece of playground equipment you have installed.

For example, a blue or yellow slide is much more likely to catch the attention of a child than a black or grey one. You can also choose a slide that complements the other pieces of playground equipment in your park, which may help to increase the overall appeal and attract more visitors.

Tube slides are typically made of a high-performance plastic that is both durable and colorful. This makes them the best option for a commercial or school playground, since they are able to withstand heavy use.

They are also easy to clean, which can be a big benefit when you are dealing with young children. However, they are not as resistant to rust as metal slides, so it is important to choose a slide made from stainless steel or treated with corrosion-resistant coatings.

There are many different types of playground tubes and slides, ranging from the straight to the wavy. While all are fun and awe-inspiring, the best choice for your playground will depend on its budget and the needs of the kids who will be using it.

If you are looking for a way to add a cool slide to your playground, consider installing a tunnel or wavy tube slide. These are a fun way to get the kids excited about a slide while also helping them to improve their gross motor skills. They will also burn lots of energy while playing on the slide, which is a major bonus in terms of keeping your children safe and healthy.


A playground tube slide is a fun addition to any play space. These slides can be freestanding or mounted to a play structure, and they are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes.

A slide can be long or short, depending on the needs of the playground and the age group the playground is intended for. For example, a taller slide is more suitable for older children, while shorter slides are more favorable for young children.

The length of a playground slide also depends on the size of the deck that it is meant to stick out from. For example, a slide that is designed for a 5 ft deck will be about 10 ft long.

When choosing a slide, it’s important to consider the slide’s non-entanglement zone and clearance zone. The non-entanglement zone ensures that a child’s clothes are not entangled in the slide, and the clearance zone makes sure that any equipment or components on the slide are not obstructed by the slide.

To ensure safety, it’s crucial to select a commercial playground tube slide that meets playground regulations. Typically, a tube slide has to meet certain internal diameter and exit height requirements for both toddlers and school-aged children.

In addition, a tube slide must have an enclosed chute and may not have transparent sections. This allows for an easy inspection and prevents children from accidentally getting trapped in the chute. These are just a few of the many considerations that you should take into account when selecting a commercial playground slide for your playground. The right slide will not only provide kids with a fun and exciting experience, but it will also help them develop their balancing skills.

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